We asked each team member to answer the following question so you could get to know them: What does it mean to you to be a member of the Pan American Broadcasting team?

Updated Carmen

Carmen Jung

I have been blessed to be a part of the Pan American Broadcasting team since 1988, and am very thankful to play an integral role in helping ministries make an impact in the lives of many souls around the world!  I have witnessed the changes that have taken place in the broadcast industry, and also the many changes that our ministry and station partners have experienced.  Even with all of those changes, the fact remains, that there are millions of souls seeking salvation, and it is a blessing for us to be here and help ministries reach those lost souls.

Being a part of this wonderful organization gives me the opportunity to inspire others to dream bigger and to inspire them to trust God more and more each day.  It gives me the chance to touch people’s hearts and let them experience how God uses me to be a witness, and, I pray, to bless others.

Experiencing the salvation that happens every day in this world as a result of the ministry broadcasts is so uplifting and gratifying to me……after all, it is giving our hearts to God and letting Him lead us to where He knows we need to be, and for me it is doing what I can do to “become a moment in someone’s life where I give God the chance to make an impact!” 


Robin Boggs

It has been my privilege to work with the Pan American Broadcasting team since 1999.  I have been a born again Christian since I was 16 for which I am so thankful to share.  I have always prayed for God’s direction to serve Him well.  When I was presented the opportunity to be a part of the staff here I feel God answered that prayer.  What a joy to help assist and educate ministries about ministry outreach, to help them in their goal to globally witness to souls and broadcast the “Good News” about Jesus Christ, and to work passionately and connect ministry and media.

Over the years working in radio and television outreach here at Pan American Broadcasting, I feel God has impacted my life immensely.  He has allowed me to prayerfully seek to bridge ministries with resources that can broadcast the hope of salvation.  The impact of my work here has blessed me and Pan American Broadcasting in developing extended families as we partner with wonderful ministries.  To witness the expansiveness of our outreach services through the hearts and souls of wonderful missionaries, individual preachers, small and large churches, all whom seek to broadcast the Good News of the Kingdom globally…it is just a miracle!  I praise God for my work at Pan American Broadcasting, to be a dynamic instrument and resource for ministries seeking to exalt His Word through outreach broadcasting!  Our goal is to share the incredible heartbeat of our Father and His hope that we reach all nations with the Word and gift of salvation.


Liwei Yu

I am originally from Tianjin, China. My career as the accountant here at Pan American Broadcasting began in 2006. It has been a real joy to work here; I feel I am blessed to have a second family in our team here at Pan American Broadcasting. I am very thankful that my work in accounting is a support for our ministries, conveying accountability, trust and dedication. I care deeply about our ministries, the service we provide and the family we have developed here at Pan American Broadcasting. God bless you all.

Elizabeth Dubach

I am so proud to be part of an organization that makes such a positive impact in people’s lives.  I have worked at Pan American Broadcast team since 2008.  It is a blessing to work with a supportive team of compassionate, dedicated people, along with the wonderful stations and ministries that strive to make a difference in the world.