“I send you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to let you know that I have been blessed by your teachings on Radio Africa.”  – Plateau State, Nigeria

“This letter is in appreciation for the wonderful things your ministry has done for my life.  I come to realize the truth and the power of Jesus Christ.”  – Jalingo, Nigeria

“I thank God for your life and the manner that He planned to use you to spread the Word so that it could reach the corners of the world so lives should be saved through your program.  Please carry on, many are saved. ”  – Gokwe, Zimbabwe

“Thank you so much for the vision given to me to have hope in Christ Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. I want to openly thank you for the great work done for the listeners of Radio East Africa.  Your heart felt messages that God passes through you to us listeners are always nourishing to my soul.  Thank you so much.” – Gulu, Uganda

“Happy I am to know you through the Radio Africa Network, and that you are proclaiming the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus.”  – Mwanza, Tanzania

“As a regular listener of the Radio Africa #2 I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful programs.  May God bless you.”  – Lusaka, Zambia

“Listening to your wonderful program on the Radio Africa Network satisfies me spiritually whenever I listen to it.  It has turned so many souls over to the Lord and I ask you to keep it up.  God Bless you.” – Nairobi, Kenya

“The world is becoming a lonely place but through your radio program I am understanding more of the scripture.  Thank you for bringing us the truth of God’s Word.  May you continue to influence people the world over.” – Kenya

“I have listened to your program and it has brought me great comfort and understanding of the Holy Bible.  The Lord will give us strength and wisdom to bear more fruits for Him.” – Chogoria, Kenya

“Greetings in the name of Jesus.  I write to let you know how much your station means to me.  It is a source of inspiration.  God bless you.”  – Salima, Malawi

“I take this opportunity to thank you and to say how grateful I am for the radio programme.  I have confessed my sins and would like to grow in faith.  I request you to pray for me.”  – Lamu, Kenya

“You have taught me so many things from the Bible that I, in turn, am able to teach others the Word of God.  I have introduced your program to many people in the villages, towns, hospitals, schools and prisons.” – Ondo, Nigeria

“It is an awesome privilege to share with you that God has really blessed me by your program that is broadcasted to us.” – Lagos, Nigeria

“I appreciate this great encouragement that I receive from your program to walk by faith, to be devoted fully to Jesus and to obediently serve Him in the power of the spirit.” – Accra, Ghana

“As I listen from the beginning to end of every broadcast I get uplifted through such messages.  Thank you for such a healing broadcast.” – Accra, Ghana

“Thanks for sharing your radio program on the Radio Africa Network with me encouraging me to stay on the path of the Almighty.  Seeing that there are those who are walking in His ways and can testify of His goodness gives me the desire to keep on going to the Lord.”  
 Mombasa, Kenya

“I was introduced to your program by my pastor and I have ever since been blessed and I have also gained greatly from it.” – Plateau, Nigeria