“I send you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to let you know that I have been blessed by your teachings on air.”  – Nigeria

“I am very glad that you continue to carry the Word of God on shortwave. In Russia, they are in need of these programs.  In remote parts of Russia we do not have access to the Internet. Shortwave allows us at no cost to listen to the Word of God and receive the necessary information. Thank you for your work.” -Russia

“I am a Baptist, and Joyful Skies is the only and the best radio station in Bethlehem.” - Bethlehem

"I became a Christian from your program... by listening to your many good broadcasts.  Thanks to God for using you mightily in spreading His Good News." -Philippines

“This letter is in appreciation for the wonderful things your ministry has done for my life.  I come to realize the truth and the power of Jesus Christ.”  – Nigeria

“I have no computer.  Your programs are causing a revolution in my life.” - Israel

"Thank you for your enlightening discussion of new life in Jesus Christ.  I will be spiritually blessed, and from now on I'll be listening to your program regularly to gain more insights on being a true committed Christian." – Philippines

“Joyful Skies is such a blessing.  If the Holy Land does not have the Joyful Skies programs, we will lose faith.  Please keep broadcasting the wonderful programs" On Christian Internet Station - Jerusalem

“I thank God for your life and the manner that He planned to use you to spread the Word so that it could reach the corners of the world so lives could be saved through your program.  Please carry on, many are saved. ”  – Zimbabwe

“The announcer is talking about the risen Jesus meeting with two men whom I invite to eat, according to the Gospel of Luke. I find your programming as support for Christians.” - Spain (translated)

"Your words of encouragement though the Word of God gives me the strength in my spiritual life, especially your message this week all about prayer.  It gives me a deep understanding about the need of prayer.  Thank you for your encouragement." - Philippines

“Thank you so much for the vision given to me to have hope in Christ, Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. I want to openly thank you for the great work done for the listeners of Radio East Africa.  Your heart felt messages that God passes through you to us listeners are always nourishing to my soul.  Thank you so much.” – Uganda

“I heard your transmission in the Japanese language with a female chorus and reading of the Bible.  From the heart, I welcome this transmission in the Japanese language.  Please continue it!” - Japan

“If you want to clean your soul you need to listen to Joyful Skies.” - Bethlehem

"I thank God for your commitment by leading us to be closer to Christ by your weekly messages.  I felt great the first time I tuned in.  It encouraged me then.  My day is not complete without your program.  I'll pray for Christ for your motivation as a Christian listener of His Word." - Philippines

“Happy I am to know you through the Radio Africa Network, and that you are proclaiming the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus.”  – Tanzania

“I've been listening to something this week.  I hear the Word of God very well, Seeking Truth, One Faith, with Brother Luis Camacho, and was a blessing to me.  Yesterday I could not go to church, but to hear the show was as if he had gone. Please include more evangelical programs,  and especially on Sundays in the morning in Spanish.” - Cuba (Translated)

“To be a taxi driver you need a good radio to listen to and to tell you the truth Joyful Skies is the best!” - Jerusalem

"Listening to the Word of God, I feel blessed. Your program is helping me to grow spiritually. I glorify Him!" - Philippines

“As a regular listener of the Radio Africa Network I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful programs.  May God bless you.”  – Zambia

“This is the first time I have written to you.  I tuned in this morning.  Reception was excellent. I have tuned in to your other transmissions on 7730 and 15190 kHz.  I will continue to monitor the Shortwave Radio Stations transmissions in the coming weeks.  I looked over your website,, and enjoyed looking at the pictures, including the transmitter hall, feeder lines and the master control room.  It’s a big facility, and is certainly capable of transmitting to anywhere.  Shortwave is a very effective means to reach many people.  I truly believe that there is a future for shortwave and for stations like WRMI.  Well done for providing such an excellent service to worldwide listeners.” - England

"I heard your wonderful words of inspiration the other day.  What a joy.  The Philippines needs more encouragement today than ever.  Please keep up the good work." - Philippines

“Listening to your wonderful program on the Radio Africa Network satisfies me spiritually whenever I listen to it.  It has turned so many souls over to the Lord and I ask you to keep it up.  God Bless you.” – Kenya

“Your program on Radio Newspaper has been a great blessing to my young Christian life.  As a young child needs mother’s milk, I, as a child of God need to be nurtured from the Word of God, and I cannot do this without getting in contact with mature friends life yourselves.  I look forward to you meeting my spiritual needs.” – Panama

“I really enjoyed listening to WRMI.  I am glad that Okeechobee goes on with WRMI.” - Germany

"Listening to the many fine programs on Philippines Christian Radio is a great joy for me.  I do not get out of my house very often, so it is great to comfort me and to be able to share God's spoken Word.  I thank you, and thank you on behalf of my family." -  Philippines

“The world is becoming a lonely place but through your radio program I am understanding more of the scripture.  Thank you for bringing us the truth of God’s Word.  May you continue to influence people the world over.” – Kenya

“I am really inspired by your program, and I endeavor to learn more as I am a new convert.  I refuse to let Satan mislead me now that I have found the truth for which I’ve been searching so long.” - Panama

“I have recently joined a group from Bethlehem who listen to Joyful Skies at 9 PM.  It is something we rarely miss.” - Bethlehem

“I have listened to your program and it has brought me great comfort and understanding of the Holy Bible.  The Lord will give us strength and wisdom to bear more fruits for Him.” – Kenya

“I heard a religious show on 7570 kHz.  WRMI’s programming is educational, informative and entertaining, and I listen to it whenever I can receive a signal.  The reception for WRMI in Portland is at its peak during the evening and overnight hours.” – Oregon, USA 

“I take this opportunity to thank you and to say how grateful I am for the radio program.  I have confessed my sins and would like to grow in faith.  I request you to pray for me.”  – Kenya

“I love shortwave radio.  I have no Internet.  I have no money.” - Belarus

“It is my pleasure to write to you and let you know that I am a regular listener to your program on Radio Newspaper (Christian Internet Station).  Your program has been a blessing to me and other listeners here in Panama.  I also want to let you know that through the Bible and your program many souls have been won for Christ.  Many Christians have been strengthened and the weak ones revived.” - Panama

“You have taught me so many things from the Bible that I, in turn, am able to teach others the Word of God.  I have introduced your program to many people in the villages, towns, hospitals, schools and prisons.” – Nigeria

“I had the pleasure of hearing your station WRMI.  You have a good signal, clear audio in Ireland.  Radio is a passion for me” - Ireland

“It is an awesome privilege to share with you that God has really blessed me by your program that is broadcasted to us.” – Nigeria

“We are looking to the Lord for His guidance as we are having so many problems in our country in a time of many dark days for us Christians.  The only peace is to listen to you on Radio Newspaper.” - Panama

“I heard your radio and you pass through the broadcasts of Radio Slovakia and Radio Prague. I'm 17.  I am in a pre-university studying psychology.  My family consists of three brothers, including me, besides my dad and my mom. I am leader of the Methodist Church and member of the Youth League.” -  Cuba

“I appreciate this great encouragement that I receive from your program to walk by faith, to be devoted fully to Jesus, and to obediently serve Him in the power of the spirit.” – Ghana

“To me, shortwave it is still one of the best ways to bring information to the most remote locations in the world, as in some of Latin America. Despite technological advances, the radio continues its mission.” - Brazil (Translated)

“I am still hearing you just now on Radio Newspaper in Panama.  Thanks.  May God’s blessing rest on the Word as it goes forth.  Love in Christ.”- Panama

“As I listen from the beginning to end of every broadcast I get uplifted through such messages.  Thank you for such a healing broadcast.” –Ghana

“Good afternoon.  Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio.  It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. My whole family also listens to your radio.” - Russia

“Thanks for sharing your radio program with me encouraging me to stay on the path of the Almighty.  Seeing that there are those who are walking in His ways and can testify of His goodness gives me the desire to keep on going to the Lord.”  – Kenya

“Thank you so much for your ministry.  It’s so good to listen to the Bible come to life on Radio Newspaper in Panama.  I find that I enjoy listening as much as the children.” -  Panama

“I really enjoy listening to WRMI.  I always enjoy the variety of programming on WRMI.” - Pennsylvania, USA 

“I was introduced to your program by my pastor and I have ever since been blessed and I have also gained greatly from it.” – Nigeria   

“I enjoyed listening to your news review and hope to be able to receive it regularly.   My reception of your broadcast was very good.  Signal strength was excellent.  I am 52 years old and am employed at a hospital for spinal injured here in Perth, which is the capital city of Western Australia.  I thoroughly enjoyed your program.  Your broadcast was really interesting and informative.” -  Australia

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