We are so very blessed to be in partnership with many wonderful ministries, ministries who have such a heart to reach the lost throughout the world……Praise God!  The ministries realize that radio continues to be a vital form of communication throughout the world, especially in remote areas and in areas where there is government censorship.  Pan American Broadcasting sees that sometimes, radio is the only way to effectively reach people, and our ministry partners continue to witness the salvation that occurs throughout the world because of their radio broadcasts!  We are so humbled and thankful to be a part of this miraculous movement, sharing and broadcasting the Word of God throughout the world!

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” – Mark 16:15

We are excited to share what some of our ministry partners have to say about their Outreach with Pan American Broadcasting:

Pastor Elizabeth Bankole – Virtuous Woman: “Paul the Apostle says in the book of Philippians Chapter 1, “When we remember you, we are filled with joy because of your partnership in the gospel.”  That is exactly the description of Pan American Broadcasting.  Pan American is a place that will remember you.  And when you remember them you are filled with joy.  Why are you filled with joy?  Because of what they are doing.  They make you feel wanted.  Just give them a call.  They are a team that has the same mind.  I cannot go on telling you how blessed I am to be able to connect with somebody with the Kingdom Mind.  It is not only that they are committed to what they are doing……but they also have the Kingdom Heart.  We are blessed to have Pan American Broadcasting, and I encourage everyone to work with them.  If you are serious about your ministry and you really want to reach the world for the Lord Jesus, why waste your time, go to Pan American, and broadcast with them!”   Watch the video here…

Mrs. Sandy Chalupka – Integrity Media: “We have been partnering with Pan American Broadcasting for the past two decades and they’ve been absolutely wonderful to work with!  Carmen Jung and Robin Boggs are very knowledgeable and always happy to assist us with any of our needs.  They are truly excited to help further the Kingdom of God by growing our client’s radio Ministry.”

Sis. Regina McGraw – Wonderful Words Of Life: “I consider the staff of Pan American Broadcasting as friends first and partners in radio broadcasting evangelism around the world second.  The experience in with working with those wonderful folks has been a real blessing.  They have a heart for God, and a heart for getting out the Gospel as far as can be done.  That is right in kindship with our whole purpose, so it has been a great experience.”  Watch the video here…

Bro. Yehayes Teffera – People’s Gospel Hour Ministry: “Radio remains the most important mode of communication. We are sold on radio!!  Lord give us more radio stations, more open door opportunities, is our daily prayer.  Because of that we consider you dear people out there at Pan American a very important part of our ministry.  Yes we are commanded ‘to go into all the world and preach the Gospel’, and we cannot neglect, forget or set aside the many regions of the world that are still in darkness.  We think of the well over billion Muslims (precious souls) around the world, where missionaries are not allowed to reach them, and radio becomes the one effective way of penetrating the borders to reach these hungry hearts.”

Pastor Bob Owen – The Healing Word: It has changed my ministry to a larger scope.  I see that there is no end, how far I can go to reaching people all over the world, with radio.  And many people are willing to support and be a part of our ministry, like Pan Am, because it is affordable.  You feel more like a family than a business.  So if you are looking for an opportunity, and have a burning to reach more people, Pan American Broadcasting is a blessing, you need to check it out.”  Watch the video here …

Pastor Ann Sandell – Lovepower Ministries: “We are going on a missions trip to Monrovia, Liberia and it is in direct connection because of our radio program with you.”

Pastor Gloria Mancini – Crying Out Ministry: “They are dedicated and friendly.  They go the extra mile to say the truth.  They are so warm, they even send me a birthday card on my birthday and Christmas cards signed from the staff.  Radio Africa is such an encouragement because I had a duffel bag of letters from Radio Africa.  The recipients of our broadcast were very encouraging.” Watch the video here…

Bro. J. Mark Horst – Hope For Today Ministries: “Our relationship with Radio Pan American Broadcasting goes back more than 20 years! After the destruction of Radio ELWA in Monrovia, Liberia, we were looking for a way to get our ‘Hope for Today’ broadcasts back into West Africa. We had built a significant listener base, particularly in Nigeria, and wanted to continue reaching that area. We continue to receive listener responses, and some schools and churches are promoting the broadcast among their people.  Our partnership with Pan American has delivered the message of the Gospel to many people and has blessed our donors and ministry partners.”

Pastor Mary Alice Monroe – Redeeming Love Ministry: “I see Radio Pan American Broadcasting bringing hope and light to many areas of the world through radio broadcasting.  And they love people and they are committed to do what they do.  I am very grateful and thankful to be a part of the team.  We have been able to reach a large amount of people with the help of Pan American Broadcasting, and that is a tremendous blessing upon itself.  And we share the letters of response that we get from our listeners with our local church family, which becomes a greater source of encouragement and inspiration to them.  I am very satisfied with them, and when your ministry needs to make an impact, Pan American Broadcasting is it.”  Watch the video here…

Brother Hogan“Thank you for the good job done by Pan American Broadcasting.  I have never met more professional or kinder folk. Great will be your reward in Heaven for your role in spreading the Gospel.”

Pastor Ann Sandell and Pastor Janet Gullickson, Lovepower:  Let Robin know that we are going on a missionary trip to Monrovia, Liberia in May. Our trip is in direct connection with our radio program on Radio Africa.

Leabeh fled from Liberia to Ivory Coast with 25 orphans 11 years ago. She heard our program on Radio Africa, wrote to our ministry asking for prayers. Pastor Ann replied to her, sending her money for rice for the children. Leabeh wrote back explaining how the children’s faces were so sad for lack of food but when she got the money to buy rice, the children’s faces were happy.

Now, the school has grown to over 800 students and has been named the Ann Sandell International School. We have been helping with rent throughout the years and school supplies and soccer outfits, etc. We plan on attending the dedication and honor Leabeh during our visit. In addition, we plan on interviewing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for our program. God Bless you in your work and be encouraged because we are.