HISTORY & PASSION - Outreach Broadcasting

Do you want God to make an impact in someone’s life?   Pan American Broadcasting gives you the easy solutions you need to help God make that impact!

Delivering your compelling inspirational teachings and messages to people around the world is what it takes to become a moment in someone’s life when you give God the chance to make an impact.  Pan American Broadcasting is all about helping God, you and your ministry make that impact!

In 1936 the founders of Pan American Broadcasting began pioneering work in providing easy and affordable radio broadcasting opportunities, both in the United States and abroad, to the Christian community. Ministries began to realize the power of radio as a vehicle to reach worldwide audiences, to share the Gospel and to save souls.  Pan American Broadcasting expanded our family of broadcasters and radio stations throughout World War II and the following years – and our efforts were truly realized by the historic initiation of the Radio Africa Network in the 1980’s, reaching eastern, western and southern Africa!

In today’s fast paced world your time is precious…..and when you partner with Pan American Broadcasting your missions Outreach becomes a very simple and efficient task for you.  How?  Because we handle all aspects of the relationship with the station; we negotiate the best rates for your broadcast, we work with the station to obtain the best day and time for your broadcast, and we continually hold the station accountable to you.  Furthermore, we take care of all of the administrative functions.  We are here to assure that your broadcast is reaching its target area, and that the station is doing all it can be doing in order to give you the opportunity to become a moment in someone’s life when you give God the chance to make an impact!

Through the years our efforts have focused on establishing relationships with over 200 radio, satellite, television and Internet stations thereby providing powerful and affordable broadcasting opportunities for ministries.  Today’s mission focuses on offering comprehensive and well-guided broadcast opportunities for all ministries.  When you partner with Pan American Broadcasting we make it easy for you to become a moment in someone’s life when you give God the chance to make an impact.