• Coverage: United States, Canada, Central and South America

  • Potential Audience: 910 millions souls

  • Power: 50,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    Superpower WRMI is an explosive Outreach - because of its geographical position at the tip of the Florida peninsula, WRMI's unique location beams your ministry to all of North America! WRMI specializes in offering programming for both the English and Spanish language audience. Its powerful 50,000 watt signal lets your ministry blanket the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, reaching a potential audience of over 910 million souls!


  • Coverage: North, South, & Central America

  • Potential Audience: 409 millions souls

  • Power: 250,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    Come join our family of ministries on this powerful 250,000-watt station broadcasting from America's heartland!  WHRI-Angel 1 is part of the highly regarded Lester Sumrall World Harvest Network proclaiming the Word throughout North America, Central America, & South America (including Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean).  Don't miss your chance to reach all of the Americas!



  • Coverage: Panama City & Canal Zone

  • Potential Audience: 483,000 souls

  • Power: 5,000 watts

  • Transmitter: AM
    This powerful 5,000 watt AM station reaches out to over 123,000 souls in the heart of Panama's capital city, Panama City, as well as reaching over 360,000 people in the neighboring cities. While Spanish is the official language of Panama, English is used and understood in Panama City and Colon by 95% of the population! Thousands of souls are ready for you to share the gospel with them in this area known as "The Crossroads Of The World."



  • Coverage: North America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, South Pacific

  • Potential Audience: 6 Billion souls

  • Transmitter: Satellite
    Introducing Radio Eden, our most powerful station ministering to 90%of the world!  With your ministry and your prayer, you will make it possible for God to enter into the hearts of the North Americans, Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, North Africans and Pacific Islanders.  And, as an added bonus, Radio Eden's superpower satelllite signal will broadcast your ministry to an area of the world where Jesus ministered and where never ending turmoil exists - the Middle East!  Here's your chance to minister to strategically important areas of the world with three broadcasts for the price of one on Radio Eden!



  • Coverage: Major Metropolitan Areas in the United States

  • Potential Audience: Various

  • Power: Various

  • Transmitter: AM/FM
    Broadcasting in the United States, our domestic stations reach specific targeted areas in your neighborhood or any other cities of interest. Please contact us for details.






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