• Coverage: Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivorie, Liberia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Sierra Leone, and Equatorial Guinea.

  • Potential Audience: 185 million souls

  • Power: 100,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    Broadcast via Radio Africa's powerful 100,000 watt signal and you will reach a potential audience of 164 million English speaking souls in the three former British colonies of Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and over 21 million souls in the countries of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Liberia.



  • Coverage: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Congo, Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda, Gabon, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Djibouti, & Eritrea.

  • Potential Audience: 230 million souls

  • Power: 100,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave

    Radio East Africa, with a potential audience of 230 Million English speaking souls in six former British colonies, offers you an exciting opportunity to share your Outreach with the people of eastern Africa, an area of the giant African continent where missionary radio is greatly needed.



  • Coverage: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, & Namibia, Angola

  • Potential Audience: 92 million souls

  • Power: 100,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    Broadcast your ministry to an area of the world where you will reach a potential listening audience of over 92 million souls!  Radio Africa #2, thereby following in the footsteps of its highly successful sister station Radio Africa, broadcasts at 100,000 watts of power.  Your message is a necessity in southern Africa where the illiteracy rate is as high as 32%.



  • Coverage: Sierra Leone

  • Potential Audience: 6 million souls

  • Power: 1,000 watts

  • Transmitter: FM
    Radio Viascity has opened its airwaves to our ministries allowing you to broadcast the Gospel to a potential audience of over 6 million souls in Sierra Leone and the neighboring southern villages of Guinea, as well as the northwestern villages of Liberia. A well-established community based station, ranking as one of the top 5 stations in Sierra Leone, Radio Viascity will allow you to play a vital role in this local community outreach.



  • Coverage: Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria

  • Potential Audience: 344 million souls

  • Power: 250,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    Did you know that over 88% of the population within Beacon Of Hope's coverage area is of the Islamic faith?  Not only does Beacon Of Hope give you the opportunity to save the souls of over 216 million Muslims but you will also strengthen the faith of the Christians residing within northern Africa and positively influence all other non-Christian believing souls throughout northern Africa - a potential audience of over 19.5 million people! What a powerful and affordable way to further the Great Commission!



  • Coverage: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya

  • Potential Audience: 227 million souls

  • Power: 125,000 watts

  • Transmitter: Shortwave
    Ethiopia, one of the oldest countries and the second most populated nation in Africa, with over 79.2 million people. Christianity has a long history in Ethiopia, dating back to the first century, and is practiced by over 68% of the population. Today, more than ever, Ethiopia is in critical need of prayer and support! You can share spiritual support by broadcasting on Bible Voice - Ethiopia. Join a mssions broadcast that will bring words of spiritual care, providing hope and love. Your broadcast will be a tool of hope, strength, and direction for this starving nation.





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