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Have you ever dreamed of broadcasting your ministry to the spiritually impoverished souls of some distant land? After all, no matter how much your local community needs you, the spiritual needs of those in most areas of the world are great.


You Can Make A World Of Difference


When partnering with Pan American Broadcasting you can minister to all areas of the world.... wherever you have the heart to minister to.... wherever the spiritual need exists. Your broadcast will provide inspiration in distant lands where freedom of religion is often greatly restricted or controlled.


Maybe you didn't think that you could make a big difference...Well, you can! In fact, hundreds of ministries of all sizes broadcast internationally reaching out to millions of souls around the world, souls in need of Christian inspiration. Since 1936, Pan American Broadcasting has been helping ministries save souls worldwide via easy and affordable broadcasting opportunities. Just give us a call at 800-726-2620 or 925-462-9800 to discuss the Outreach opportunities available to you and to review our special station offers!


NRB Member Spotlight: Pan American Broadcasting


Pan American Broadcasting was extremely honored to be featured in the "NRB's Member Spotlight" newsletter.


We are most grateful for 77 years of servicing ministries and stations, and we invite you to learn more by clicking this link: NRB Member Spotlight


Grow Expand Your Ministry


Pan American Broadcasting has been assisting ministries in the growth and expansion of their congregation via radio, television, satellite and Internet broadcasting.  If you have the calling to evangelize throughout the world, whether it be in your local community or in a foreign country, we can open the Outreach door for you!  It's as easy as telling us the area of the world you would like to minister to, recording your message and sending your message to the stations.  In no time at all you will be touching the hearts and souls of millions of people thereby growing your congregation and expanding your missionary Outreach!


Since Pan American Broadcasting's founding in 1936, we have partnered with stations such as the Radio Africa Network (Radio Africa, Radio East Africa, Radio Africa #2), LeSea Broadcasting (WHRI #1, WHRI #2, WHRI #3, WHRI #4), WRMI (Radio Miami International), European Gospel Radio, Bible Voice Broadcasting, Beacon of Hope, and a multitude of other powerful stations spreading the Word.  For more information and to listen to the stations live Internet feeds, please visit our Stations page.

Pan American Broadcasting Celebrated Their 75th anniversary In 2011

It is with great honor that we congratulate Pan American Broadcasting as they celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2011, serving ministries worldwide by helping them expand their mission’s Outreach internationally and domestically.  Carmen Jung, Vice President of Pan American Broadcasting states, “We realize that we are but a small fraction of a large team serving to support ministries and helping them broadcast their spiritual messages of God’s Word globally.  Our prayer and hope is to change lives forever with God’s amazing love.  During our 75 years of service, we have been blessed to work with amazing ministries along with radio, television, and satellite Outreach services whom we consider “team members” and “friends”, all with a mission to broadcast the Gospel worldwide serving a greater awareness of the blessings of Jesus Christ!  We thank each and every person whom we have had the blessing to partner with and help along the way.” 

From Our Broadcasting Partners At WRMI

From Jeff White of WRMI - "Pan American Broadcasting was one of the first organizations that placed programs on our shortwave station, Radio Miami International, when we went on air in 1994. Pan American Broadcasting continues to be one of our most important partners today, 17 years later. That says something about the longevity of our relationship. There is no one we would rather work with. The people at Pan American Broadcasting are the most honest and ethical in this business. They are truly dedicated to helping their clients get their important messages to a worldwide audience via the radio. We will never know the full impact of these broadcasts, but certainly millions of people have heard their messages over the years in all parts of the earth. Our hearty congratulations go out to Pan American Broadcasting on its 75th anniversary."

From Our Broadcasting Partners At Ambassador

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Pan American Broadcasting "Salutes" Allan McGuirl, Ken Crowell And Harold Kent Of "Galcom International...A Global Voice For The Gospel"


God Bless Galcom International as it celebrates its 23rd year of service, distributing "fixed-tuned" radios broadcasting Christian programming throughout the world.  In 1988, from its birth in the basement of Allan's home in Canada, to its present warehouse location, Galcom International has produced over 800,000 fixed tuned radios, distributed world-wide, sharing the Word of God in the most remote locations, Amen!

Solar powered Galcom radios provide spiritual teaching to the four corners of the world and listeners never have to worry about the cost of batteries.  Allen, Ken & Harold, gifted and talented men of God, had a vision and prayer to share the love of Jesus and the teaching of the Bible to all mankind, their prayers have been answered far beyond their imagination.  Today, Galcom International has shipped over 800,000 radios worldwide, radios that are broadcasting the Hope of Jesus Christ to millions of souls in need, empowering hearts to hear about the light and hope of Salvation.   We humbly salute your achievements, thanking God for your work, thankful to be a part of your work and praying for you all.  You are great Harvesters for the Word of God...Luke 10:2.

With great appreciation Pan American Broadcasting honors you and your efforts! Click here to read more information.

The Ladybug Project in Africa

Pan American Broadcasting salutes the Ladybug Project and its staff, in their effort to promote education and healthcare in Africa. Kim Reuter, Founder, along with her team of volunteers, have helped raise financial support to purchase and donate toward new and used school supplies for the needy students in Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar. To date, the organization has supplied over 746 pounds of materials!! These materials are a blessing to the needy souls of these countries. Ms. Reuter started this project in 2010, after conducting a biology research project in the rainforest of Equatorial Guinea. She was moved to help these children once she witnessed the poverty of the local schools in the capitol, Malabo.

It is a great testimony to witness such a small organization working diligently to provide educational and medical supplies to souls, halfway across the world! For more information about this project, visit their website at www.theladybugproject.com, like them on facebook, or email Ms. Reuter at kereuter@theladybugproject.com. Watch the movie to witness the story of the Ladybug Project: http://youtu.be/pgQ3kPqfuxE



Pan American Broadcasting Congratulates Dr. Mylene V. Matti And Green Earth Heritage Foundation.

Pan American Broadcasting congratulates Dr. Mylene V. Matti and her staff in the massive humanitarian effort of Green Earth Heritage Foundation.  Dr. Matti has provided 100 acres to help teach farmers about sustainable farming in remote regions of the Philippines.  Her humanitarian efforts and teaching of sustainable farming has increased the productivity of the farms, thereby producing more food for the hungry. 

Green Earth has educated, supported and improved the quality of farming in the Philippines with an overall goal to feed the hungry.  We recognize and praise each person of this team.  The results of your labor in this project have been a true blessing for thousands of hungry souls whom would be forgotten and battling long-term hunger.

Pan American Broadcasting was able to introduce Dr. Matte to Philippines Christian Radio and station manager Elsa Dioneda, where she was able to broadcast a voice for Green Earth over the radio airwaves enlightening thousands of listeners about this project. 
God promises to answer prayer, we are excited to see how the answers unfold for Green Earth.  Pan American Broadcasting prays for continued success through the challenges, knowing in the end, people came together through Christ to better the world for human beings who are starving.  In a world that is blessed with so much, we reflect and will rejoice for the day when no man has to hunger.

If you would like more information about this project, please visit their website at www.greenearthheritage.org.

God Bless Green Earth, each individual involved...our prayers for you all continue!

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Christian programming 24 hours per day, 7 days per week available to you!  You can listen live by clicking on the "Listen Now" link in the right column of our homepage.


We currently feature hundreds of broadcasters whose formats vary from bible teaching programs, family programming, prayer request lines, current events, and gospel music...a wide variety of broadcast formats available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! We pray that these programs will be a blessing to you as they are to us.


If you would like to reserve airtime on any of our domestic or international stations please contact Robin or Jeff at 800-726-2620 or 925-462-9800. You may also contact us via email at info@panambc.com.





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Radio Africa

                                       Broadcast via Radio Africa's powerful 50,000 watt signal and reach over 185 million English speaking souls.  


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Radio Africa is one of the few full-time Christian stations reaching these people with the Gospel. 




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